India October - November 2004 Part 1

IBM, sent us, Myself and four others to Bangalore, India. Too teach the locals our jobs, which isn't fun in itself. But we managed to have some fun, Kingfisher beer brewed local, so it was lovely and fresh. And some great restaurants and bars, not to mention the night clubs, couldn't believe them!. Bangalore is the most westernized town in India, allegedly. The Capital of Karnataka (State), it is growing by the minute. With every Western Company going , seemingly outsourcing. Even managed to catch up with a friend, Linda from my home toon, Blyth. So, as soon as we landed it was oot, bombing around Bangalore on the local transport, 'The Auto'. Completely, mad, noisy and dirty open to the fumes. 

Colin and Dave the Bastard

Andy, James and Morgs

Speeding along, scary first time oot.

The Sites of Bangalore

These Auto's will take anything and everything. Moving house?

Didn't like the look of that sign, about turn.

Just off the plane and oot sight seeing. Morgs, Col, Andy, James and Dave.

A Funeral procession.

I see what he means about his nut allergy.

Cheers mate, here's to Madrid next.

Suits you, Sir. We thought Andy was doing some part-time modelling.

He was aboot Ten, selling shoes.

Fancy a kebab, would you??

India Part 2