India October - November 2004 Part 3

These pictures show the hotels we were staying in, all very nice. I want to live there.

James, at the Chinese

Andy, waiting to sprint to the loo again. Only to find out, it's one without a bog or any paper. It's the left hand in the bucket of water, job.

He waited until we got back to the hotel.

The bar in the Taj Residency, we moved from there after two weeks, had enough.

The best Hotel, The Taj West End.

And the balcony. We just missed the Australian Cricket team, by about a week, according to Linda and her girlfriends. Gagging they were.

I'll dip me toe in, nah couldn't be bothered to move.

And the lovely Vietnam Restaurant in the Hotel.

This is how some people live right outside work.

My fourth Hotel in four weeks. This is really nice as well, The Oberoi.

More blooming Cows

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