New Years Day in Blyth, 2003.

Hos and Sylvia

Anth and Ruth

Jacqueline, Anth, Ruth and G.

G and Sylvia.


Davey Lockyer

Ruth and Gill

Zelie G and Paul G

New Years Day. The Lads at the Tavern

G, Davey Wood and Morgs

Me, Jean Wood and G

Davey and G

Scotty's Hoose on New Years Day. Harry King, Joppa and Elsie

Kingo and Joppa

Davey and Carol (Our Lovely Hostess)

Helen and Davey


Barbara and Archie and Sis, plus someones Heed

Scotty (mine Host)

Davey, G, Den and Dot having a New Years Snog


Elsie now hiding.

Sheila (Thanks for the Pie) and Janice

Carol. After a hard days hosting, a time for rest.



It's getting late are you going yet?

G and Scotty, it's getting late.

People are always camera shy.

The Day after, Hair of the dog time. Gord, Pete and G

Keith and Claire

G and Will

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